Monitoring the spread and management of invasive and expansive species using advanced earth observation methods

Tilspec team has a new project together with the Institute of Botany CAS. The project is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and has the following goals:

To design and automate technology for monitoring the spread and the effectiveness of different managements of selected invasive/expansive plant species using advanced Earth observation (EO) methods. Partial goals:

  1. To acquire at different dates (ideal/not ideal in terms of phenology) multispectral UAV data with very high spatial resolution and botanical reference data for sites with stands of the monitored species in the Krkonše Mts. and the Orlické Mts.
  2. To test the reliability of mapping invasive/expansive plants using EO for (a) effective distribution monitoring and (b) controlling the effectivity of different managements (grazing, mowing, chemical treatment, mulching), to propose a verified technology and its implementation including an automated data processinng tool.

We are looking forward to working in the Krknoše and Orlické hory Mts. together with our colleagues from the Institute of Botany CAS.

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