University of Virgina and University of Florida – visiting our project partners

In late August and early September, we visited our partners in the Interaction projects – Howard E. Epstein at the University of Virginia and Jeremy Browner at the University of Florida and their teams. We presented the results of our analyses of vegetation state and change in the Krknoše Mts. tundra and pine orchards based on vegetation physiology and remote sensing methods. We agreed to collaborate on the preparation of new projects in 2023 and discussed the possibility of student exchanges.

Many thanks Howi and Jeremy! It was nice time we spent together and we are looking forward to further collabortion :-).

In the short vacation between university stays, we managed to visit Everglades National Park, Miami Beach and Kennedy Space Center. We didn’t get to see the Artemis satellite launch, but at least we got to see Artemis on the launch pad :-).

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